Custom Made

Saleh Jewelry – Custom Made

Even though we do a lot of typical jewelry store tasks here at Saleh Jewelry, your tailored design assignment from start to finish is our chief focus. We trust that appropriate communication is the answer to a winning custom design job and we pride ourselves in being talented to take the “what if I do not like it” question out of the equation.


Where does your encouragement to fashion a good-looking piece of custom jewelry come from? What design elements are significant to you?

The first steps in the design procedure engage a lot of questions. We will then create some essential pencil drawings to help speak the preliminary design to begin the process.


The difficulty of your design will state the manufacturing technique that we will employ to carry your scheme to achievement.

At Saleh Jewelry, your custom jewelry can come in numerous levels and price ranges from simple and typical jewelry to the high end hand fabricated and engraved jewelry. We can fashion a new piece of jewelry using your diamonds or other gemstones, or we can offer those for you. We can also take your old, infrequently worn jewelry, and employ it to craft a new piece of jewelry that you will be overconfident to be dressed in every day. Our craftsmen are competent at providing you with the sole handcrafted jewelry that reflects your style and personality at a competitive price level.